LeptoConnect contains a total of 18 ingredients. All of these are natural and organic. We won’t mention all of these because some of them aren’t related to weight loss.

We were curious why they used these but later found that they aimed to create a holistic supplement. Some of the ingredients only work on other aspects of wellbeing. Leptitox

We’d find some of the famous plant extracts along with some rare species. Read the benefits carefully to find out whether they could be of help to you.


Also called the king of mushrooms, Maitake is a native of Japan. Traditionally, there were tales that people would dance when they found it, and thus, it was called the dancing mushroom too.

The mushroom contains a rare active compound called D-Fraction. This compound activates hormones that increase metabolism.

An increase in metabolism leads the body to burn fat rather than storing it. Leptoconnect¬† Of course, you’d need to spend all that energy and make room to generate more.

It also boosts the immune system and reduces psychological stress on the body.


These are commonly found mushrooms that are popular all over the world. But more than their health benefits, it’s their rich and savory taste that makes them so popular.

These mushrooms though possess an array of health benefits like influencing brain tissue growth and inhibiting fat storage.

They also help maintain proper cholesterol levels and influence dietary receptors.


This type of mushroom is exclusively native to hot and humid areas of Asia. They contain potent active compounds that provide an array of medicinal benefits.

The “supreme protector” mushrooms majorly benefit brain health. They support brain receptors like leptin, along with improving digestion. All of these factors result in effective weight loss.

They also eliminate toxic bacteria, which helps reduce fat storage capabilities of the body. LeptoConnect has combined three distinct varieties of mushrooms for a common purpose. Barxbuddy

Graviola Leaves

The Brazilian Paw-Paw or Graviola is famous for its antioxidants. A native of Central and South America, Graviola leaves fight free radicals, which in turn promotes weight loss.

They also possess anti-inflammatory properties, control blood pressure as well as blood sugars.

The Pygeum Africanum

The African cherry facilitates better communication between cells and paces the activation of receptors. As a direct result, you feel full quickly, and this reduces your calorie intake.

Apart from being a sufficient appetite suppressant, it also improves libido. This can counter the adverse effects of obesity on sexual drive.

Cat’s Claw

Aging is also a cause of slowing down of receptors, which leads to weight gain. Cat’s claw counters the aging effect of degeneration. It is potent in enhancing cognitive as well as brain function. You would experience a boost in immunity and better digestion.

Red Raspberries

Red Raspberries have high ketone content, which decreases your appetite. Ketones have antioxidant properties that also help melt concentrated fat.

Saw Palmetto

This compound contains several health benefits that don’t directly relate to weight loss. It has anti-inflammatory properties that save you from joint pain.

It also has potent antiseptic properties that come useful in making your urinary tract healthier. The compound is additionally valuable for supporting prostate health.

Here are a few more ingredients of LeptoConnect:
Zinc- Helps boost hormonal function and improve immunity
Vitamin B6- Boost energy and metabolism
Copper- Makes bones stronger
Green Tea- Is a proven fat burner and flushes out toxins
Vitamin E- It is good for eyesight
Click here to see the full list of ingredients on the Official Website.
Lab Tests
We couldn’t find lab test results on the LeptoConnect website. But Sam Hensen has a special connection that backs each ingredient with scientific research.

It has most of the ingredients you’ll find in the dietary supplement, as discussed above. These studies prove that LeptoConnect is safe for consumption for anyone without a severe illness.
Shipping and Returns
You can order LeptoConnect to the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, UK, and Ireland. The supplement typically ships between 5-7 days to the US.

Shipping is entirely free, and your order will process as soon as you pay in the US. Semenax¬† In all other countries, they charge an International Shipping Fee of $15.95. You’ll get your package within 15 days of ordering in all these countries.

The amount might be a deal-breaker with that shipping fee. But wait for it. Here you are getting a 100% refund on all orders if you return within 60 days.

You can contact their customer support before buying for any queries regarding the return. Mail your refund claims to [email protected]

Click here to check out LeptoConnect on the Official Website.
How Does LeptoConnect Work?
Before understanding how LeptoConnect works, let’s know how leptin affects fat gain. As we discussed earlier, leptin signals the brain to stop eating when you’re full.

It helps curb or limit your appetite, which is crucial to follow a diet program. It also encourages the body to burn stored fat for energy instead of wanting to eat more.

Now when you become obese, too much leptin builds in the blood. As a result, some people develop leptin resistance. You suddenly start feeling hungrier and increase your calorie intake.

Moreover, a study revealed that during starvation diets, the body starts dropping leptin levels. Since your brain thinks you are going to starve, the body refrains from burning stored fats.

Here is when the ingredients of LeptoConnect come in work. Instead of starving, you should start taking a controlled diet.

Your workouts will become more efficient when the leptin levels start rising again. This will, of course, take time, but you’ll at least see previously elusive results.

All in all, it will make you feel a bit fuller, a bit sooner, which is expected to make all the difference. Study and reviews do back these claims, but you’ll only know it when you try.
How to Use it?
A package of LeptoConnect contains 60 capsules and should last a month. Leptitox reviews

You should take two capsules a day for optimum results. Avoid overdosing, though, even if you skip a pill.

While LeptoConnect doesn’t suggest hardcore workouts and proper dieting, you must do it to see the best results. Hydration is essential to ensure adequate absorption of nutrients from the diet as well as medicine.

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